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  • Austin Sanders

    Austin Sanders, the Founder & CEO of RAAW World from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He ran track at Michigan State University and played football at Eastern Michigan University. From sports to protecting our country in the Air Force (now a verteran) and now as Active Guard. Since graduating he has been pursuing a career in the miltary serving and protecting this country in different roles. Austin exemplies the RAAW lifestyle of being a change agent that works for true change at its roots.

  • Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown, the CMO of RAAW World from Queens, NY. Known to many as Mooke or Kamera King is an Air Force Veteran with skills as a certified personal trainer, systems engineer, professional photographer/videographer. Since leaving the Air Force he has pursued a career in systems engineering while attending Morehouse College. Mooke exemplifies the RAAW lifestyle of being an unique professional that wants to take our culture forward.

  • Brandon Denson

    Brandon A. Denson, a Multimedia Specialist of RAAW World from Ypsilanti, MI. He walked on to the Michigan State University Football team to then go on and earn a full-ride scholarship. Since earning his degree in Criminal Justice, he decided to pursue a career in Pro Football and Community Outreach. Brandon exemplifies the RAAW lifestyle of being a creativity thats take the perspectives of others and turns it into a relatable work of art.